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All statements without guarantee. As a rule, this reverse NS query does not provide all the domains that are currently set up with this domain server. Various entries may be missing or may be out of date in the short term. To be on the safe side please test individual domains by DNS query yourself shortly.


The fastest domain search and registration for .ch domains and hundreds more domain extensions.


Let's calculate and estimate the value of domains for free and easy. Depending on the domain, current and historical values are specified.


Get detailed information about a website. The Hitanalyzer displays current as well as historical information.

IP History

Find out for free on which IP numbers a domain was previously hosted.


Check if the usual ports are open on a server. Search for a domain or an IP number.

Reverse DNS

Displays the appropriate domain name server for an IP address.

Reverse IP

Find websites that are set up on the same server of a specific domain.

Reverse MX

Find all domains with the same mail server. Indicates e.g. Conclusions about the size of companies.

Reverse Whois

Find domain names of a company or private person. Search for the name of the owner or for an e-mail address.


Make high-quality screenshots of any URL. Depending on the domain, we also display historical screenshots.